WMC 2015

   Well, here's my first blog on my new site i'm excited and nervous at the same time
. I am in Miami Beach and the weather here is grrrrrrreat, the food is grrrrrreat...lol! This is my first time attending the Winter Music Conference and so far it's been a really cool hang. I've met up with a lot of people who I didn't think knew me and that surprised me. I also met a dj/producer from Brazil Eddie Valdez who remixed my Marvin Gaye remake I want you and that was really cool, we hadn't met before just talking on facebook. I also met up with Mark Francis and Adam Rios they remixed my song Where U R and introduced me to a lot of people so the WMC has been good to me so far.

   Friday night I perform for the lables united party for the Soundmen On Wax lable and for the first time in my career i'm nervous about a performance. Mainly because house music is a new genre for me and it's the first time that I perform in front of a huge crowd as a solo artist. Funny thing is i'm never nervous and I am really confident onstage NORMALLY...lol
But...I will press on and give them one hell of a performance and give it all i've got. Im exited about the performance and hopefully it will introduce to the house music world in a major way. I'm ready to blast off on em'.

I hate to say this but it's really cold back home in New Jersey and I really am not looking forward to returning I wish I could stay in Miami another few weeks...lol. But duty calls and I have to get back and complete projects that i'm working on. I can't play in the sun forever right? I really wish I could though...:-) Well i'm headed to the beach to get some sun take care and i'll see you on the next blog post.


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