Summer close out exerience

     On September 20th I had one of my greatest experiences in house music. The team of Wali B ent (who manages me) SMB Ent, Dj Dawud and Dj Ricky Clarke put together an amazing event that took place on the Exchange Pl Pier in Jersey City, NJ. From what i've been told that party was the biggest most packed party that pier has ever been. I had a great time hanging out, making new friends and fans and seeing old friends and enjoying the nice weather that day. I really enjoyed performing with Brown Sugah, the crowd really like the way we did our thing. Dj Beloved shut the place down dj'ing like a damn Thanks to my manager Ronald "Wali B" Johnson for being instrumental in making things happen for us as well as Sultan, Dawud and Ricky for all of their hard work on an really cool event. The vibe was great that day, the people were awesome and it was just a good damn day until the nutcraker guy I look forward to doing it again next year who knows maybe they'll let me dj....HINT Well I have to get back to life now and get into my dj practice time. Shoot over to the dj page on and download the free dj sets and let me know what you think, I would to have your feedback. Well back to reality, it's been a goode week. Time to make some music. Y'all take care, Love Ya.....Peace!!!!!!

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