My first dj cypher

   Hey y'all i'm back again, hope all is well in your world. Mine is "All Goode". Sooooo my manager, who is a dj, took me to a dj cypher last night. At first I was nervous but I quickly got over that little did I know I was set! As soon as we got there Dj Ricky Clark says "Bout time we been waiting for you" in my mind i'm saying "Oh shit this is gonna be a good". So we enter the premises and the music is playing, the Mets game is on and we eat and have a few drinks. As i'm watching Ricky summons me to the porch for a cigar and some dj big brother advice which I really appreciate because you need that when you embark on something new that could possibly alter the course of your career. We talk about some different kinds of approaches to dj'ing and how to play certain songs. My manager Dj Wali B is on the decks killin and Dj David Barber is next Ricky says "Sheldon your after Dave" and Dave is killin it playing some serious jams. So I go to the decks to look over my library of songs and choose my opening jams. Dave ends and I get on and start playing my jams which i'm getting a good response from the og's I bring a record in and Ricky goes.......STOP, PAUSE!!!! This is where I find out the reason i'm there. To get critiqued by seasoned dj's and they say your doing great but there are a few key things to remember and they proceed to give me some advice to which I found very valuable. Then all of them say in unison.....Now go back start that record over and bring the other one back in again, I had a rough landing previously bringing the other record in the first time. But, before I do so Dj Big Mike Clark plays me a song that summed up the very point they were trying to make...(Now picture that shit a song that had the very words they It said you could use all the machines you want to do house music but it's something that can't be taught, IT'S A FEELING.....WOW!!!! Upon starting back up they hit the porch but I knew they we're listening to me play and the next morning Wali B calls me and says everyone says your gonna be fine as a dj just keep practicing and sharpening your skills. They can't believe i've only been at this for just three months. It's feels good to know i'm on the right track. Iron sharpens iron and it takes a village to raise everything in this world not just a child. I'm very happy to have a circle of dj's that wanna see me do well in the dj world God knows I need it. So I wanna say thank you To my manager Dj Wali B, Dj Ricky Clark, Dj Big Mike Clark, Dj Fu Club6, & Dj David Barber. Your advice last night was not taken lightly and I really appreciate the time you took to help me out. I'm looking forward to many more gatherings like that. Plus that damn fried chicken was good!!!! 

PS. Ricky I like criticism when it's the right!!!!!

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