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Hey hey my Goode people, i've been away for a while working on new music and the continued process of reinventing myself. Some good things have happened and some not so good. What's good is the new music and there's lots of it coming soon, some will be sold exclusively on this site. What's not so good is that i've had a few deals for my music turn sour and it has caused a disruption in the release process of my music, not to worry though I won't be doing too many third party deals anymore as that process can hold things up and I never want to keep my fans waiting too long for my music. From now on 95% of my releases will come straight from my lable and this site as I take the journey of cutting out the middlemen in the already tough industry. I miss you guys and trust me it's a lot of work doing things yourself but when u need things done right you have to do it yourself most times. It's spring and my dj services has rolled out I have a couple mixes on here I am also on mixcloud and within a few days you will see new mixes from the dj side posted there too, I will send emails and social media posts to inform everyone of that. Life has been pretty good can't complain about things just have to keep pressing forward with everything and not get "Stuck in the mud" as my father says. There's some adversity trying to keep a brotha down but to hell with all that aint nobody got time for that....Espcially when those issues belong to other people (y'all can have that back thanks and be I've started getting my health in tip top shape i'm 46 years young now I still look and feel great and I want to keep it that way from now on. I've also started cleansing my body and let me tell you my spirit thanks me profusely. I'm a lot more calm, dossile even, my skin has gotten lighter, my singing voice has gotten waaaaaay clear and my energy levels have shot thru the roof. Whoever gets in bed with me is gonna be in trouble trouble....lmao!!!!! But seriously living a healthy lifestyle is essential to what i've chosen to do and that's be a diy artist for the moment, thank God for the internet because I can get most of this done right from my computer and smartphone. Technology is So Goode!!! Well y'all I just wanted to update you and chat a bit i'm All Goode over here and I pray you are too. God Bless you and we'll talk soon.

Love & Light,

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