Hey yawl!!!!

    Hey Yawl hope all is well in your world. Seems like i've been posting once a year huh....lol! Well yeah but a brotha has a lot to deal with running his own music company, it's a lot I tell ya'. Soooooo On Jan 31st The Specialist remix was released and getting good feedback. Coming February 14th Life is joy will be released and March 7th Look in the mirror will be coming @ you as well. I have so much to offer you guys I have to in the near future and I hope my music will brighten your days and nights. I must admit for a long time music wasn't making me happy, I guess I let it turn into too much work and not something that I loved to do. For a long time I just wasn't happy with myself or my surroundings. Things have changed for the better, my music life is better and everything else is better. 

   House music is a really cool genre, the freedom I enjoy from writing and recording it is really fun but...Sometimes you have to get back to your roots and this summer I will release a full length album it will be a mixture of R & B, Pop and Dance music. All of these genres live within me so I have to let em out. The album, if all goes as planned, mid to late summer. I want to bring the best product I can bring you remember I do all of this by myself so it may take a while...lol. 
So Goode Music has become a joy to run, for now it's just me and it takes a lot of time and sacrifice to reach the goals I set but when I hear the dj's playing the music and the fans hitting me up on Facebook and Twitter that makes it all worth it.
I can't wait for all of you to hear what's coming so for now i'll say later and I'll see you all on social media. Hit a brotha up, i'll respond....I promise. Later yawl!!!!


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