DJ So Goode......Really?

   Hey errbody!!! Hope all is well in your world everything is going well in mine. I have some news, I have decided to become a DJ and join the ranks of the worlds great dj's. Cool Right? Ok, i'm nervous as hell but I know I will do well. I've been thinking about this for some time now and i'll be studying the craft for the next year to get myself prepared to launch my dj services next year. I'm excited about it. I have friends who are great dj's and they will help prepare me for the dj world. They're already cracking the whip and I haven't fully gone into it!! But hey to whom much is given much is required so get ready dj world "Dj So Goode" soon come. 

   I've started working on a new EP and I have a bunch of songs recorded so far that i'm sure you will enjoy. I hooked up with my friends Mark Francis and Adam Rios on some new jams. They are the guys that help me bring my song "Where U R" to the masses and two awesome dj's. I have another record coming from a house music legend and this record is going to be awesome for now i'm keeping the artist a secret but it means a lot to me to have the opportunity to work with this person. I know God blessed me with the opportunity and it falls in line with my success working with this kind of artist. Hotness, dopeness, greatness = BLESSEDNESS yea yea I made that

  I've been a bit under the weather since Miami this cold is starting to go away but I still can't sing.....Uggggh!! I think i've had enough of this ginger tea, honey and all of this cold remedy shit....I NEED A BEER AND A SHOT....LOL!!!! So i'm seeing that I have fans in South Africa and that makes me very happy. It's one of the places I really want to visit and perform. I'll be there soon Africa, i'm coming. Well, I have to get back to my CSI Miami! I'm catching up on hulu plus, I really love that show especially Caleigh Dusquane she is sooooooo!!! Yes that is my Tv woman crush :-). Till next time Goode Mob.......Live, Love & Laugh it will look Goode on you.......Peace!!!!!


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