So goode

Hey yawl!!!!

    Hey Yawl hope all is well in your world. Seems like i've been posting once a year! Well yeah but a brotha has a lot to deal with running his own music company, it's a lot I tell ya'. Soooooo On Jan 31st The Specialist remix was released and getting good feedback. Coming February 14th Life is joy will be released and March 7th Look in the mirror will be coming @ you as well. I have so much to offer you guys I have to in the near future and I hope my music will brighten your days and nights. I…Read more
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It's been a min

Hey hey my Goode people, i've been away for a while working on new music and the continued process of reinventing myself. Some good things have happened and some not so good. What's good is the new music and there's lots of it coming soon, some will be sold exclusively on this site. What's not so good is that i've had a few deals for my music turn sour and it has caused a disruption in the release process of my music, not to worry though I won't be doing too many third party deals anymore as that process…Read more

My first dj cypher

   Hey y'all i'm back again, hope all is well in your world. Mine is "All Goode". Sooooo my manager, who is a dj, took me to a dj cypher last night. At first I was nervous but I quickly got over that little did I know I was set! As soon as we got there Dj Ricky Clark says "Bout time we been waiting for you" in my mind i'm saying "Oh shit this is gonna be a good". So we enter the premises and the music is playing, the Mets game is on and we eat and have a few drinks. As i'm watching…Read more

Summer close out exerience

     On September 20th I had one of my greatest experiences in house music. The team of Wali B ent (who manages me) SMB Ent, Dj Dawud and Dj Ricky Clarke put together an amazing event that took place on the Exchange Pl Pier in Jersey City, NJ. From what i've been told that party was the biggest most packed party that pier has ever been. I had a great time hanging out, making new friends and fans and seeing old friends and enjoying the nice weather that day. I really enjoyed performing with Brown Sugah, the…Read more

DJ So Goode.....Really 2?

      Hey GoodeMob hope this blog finds you in good health and spirits. Well the time has come and I have started to prepare my dj services to launch in spring 2016. So far it's been one hell of a ride and I should've gotten into this a long time ago. It's a breath of fresh air for me and a welcoming change to what I do as an artist, musician, producer & engineer. The coolest thing about it is that I get to discover so much great music. A good friend of mine helps me stay away from the bad records, no 2…Read more

DJ So Goode......Really?

   Hey errbody!!! Hope all is well in your world everything is going well in mine. I have some news, I have decided to become a DJ and join the ranks of the worlds great dj's. Cool Right? Ok, i'm nervous as hell but I know I will do well. I've been thinking about this for some time now and i'll be studying the craft for the next year to get myself prepared to launch my dj services next year. I'm excited about it. I have friends who are great dj's and they will help prepare me for the dj world. They're…Read more

New Places

   Hello my fellow Goode Mob fans. First i'd like to say the winter music conference in MIami was a great hang and my tan looks!! I am in a new place in my life but today I broke out of my peaceful nature and let someone take me to another place which was not good. I must say this new place is cool but I have to make a lot of adjustments, but hey that's what life is all about....ADAPTING! Fearlessness above all things will open up a world you could never imagine and being fearless teaches you…Read more

WMC 2015

   Well, here's my first blog on my new site i'm excited and nervous at the same time
. I am in Miami Beach and the weather here is grrrrrrreat, the food is! This is my first time attending the Winter Music Conference and so far it's been a really cool hang. I've met up with a lot of people who I didn't think knew me and that surprised me. I also met a dj/producer from Brazil Eddie Valdez who remixed my Marvin Gaye remake I want you and that was really cool, we hadn't met before just talking…Read more